WWII German Reichsbahn sleeve eagle with Custom town name


This is a rare chance to have the Reichsbahn town or city you have wanted custom made, and add that rare piece to your collection. You can also have a fantasy town or name, or even your own home town, or even leave it blank.

Here is a small list of towns, there are dozens more that I did not list.
We can make any of them custom for you:

RBD Hamburg
RBD Augsburg
RBD Berlin
RBD Breslau
RBD Kassel
RBD Dresden
RBD Danzig
RBD Wuppertal
RBD Erfurt
RBD Essen
RBD Frankfurt / Main
RBD Halle
RBD Hannover
RBD Karlsruhe
RBD Koln
RBD Linz
RBD Posen
RBD Mainz
RBD Munchen
RBD Munster (westf.)
RBD Nurnberg
RBD Oppeln
RBD Frankfurt (Oder)
RBD Saarbrucken
RBD Stettin
RBD Regensburg
RBD Schwerin
RBD Sturrgart
RVD Riga
RBD Villach
RBD Wien
RVD Minsk
RVD Kiew
RVD Dnjepropetrowsk
RVD Rostow
WVD Brussel
WVD Paris
HVD Paris
HVD Brussel
WVD Italien
RBD Konigsberg

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